Migration & Transformation Exhibition

It is my privilege to participate in the exhibition, "Migration & Transformation", at the Mann Art Gallery, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. This is a collaborative show running July 14 - August 22, 2020.

Mann Art Gallery

My goal is to transcend the physical space of the gallery, harnessing the power of electronic media to not only reflect the work of the artists, Cecile Miller and Lynn Salo, but create an immersive environment or event for you, the viewer.

QR Code for Audio Homepage In the gallery, you will see 'QR' codes attached to the side of the labels beside select artist works. Use the camera on your phone (with earbuds or headphones) to access the QR links and listen to the audio compositions (online). There is also a listening station where the selections play on a rotational basis.

Migration PlaylistIf you wish to listen to the selections outside the gallery, Here is a link to an audio playlist.

This Place and Time Playlist"This Place and Time", is a previously released CD. Here is a link to an audio playlist. Special thanks to Byron Matice for his inspired guitar performance in "Zen Garden" and "Rush Hour". Thanks to Lynn Salo for percussion in "De la Noche".

I hope you enjoy my work! Thank you for taking the time to listen. Rich Miller.