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Rich Miller

Thanks for choosing to pause at my website! I hope you get the chance to listen to my music. As you may know, I am a composer of electronic instrumental music. It’s hard to find the genre on the web and even harder to categorize.

Growing up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, it was always one of my dreams to be in a band. I finally got my chance while at university. That first band was Winterfield.

At the same time, I was accompanist with the Regina Modern Dance Works, Regina Little Theatre (The Pile of Bones Show), and helped craft the music behind the ingenious political satire of the Left Turns Theatre company (Darcy Dunlop, Kent Allen, Marty Campana, and Bruce Lawson).

The lure of the road caught up with me and I travelled through Western Canada with Riel and EasyStreet. Bands come and go, and it was time to settle down. I ended up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, where I met the love of my life. Today, we have two fantastic kids and live in a great character home.

Wow, Prince Albert is a great city and it has some fine musicians! I was fortunate to meet up with a group called the Spiffs. We have a blast playing out in the Prince Albert and Saskatoon area. They have amassed quite a local following and have the most amazing stories about their experiences in Jamaica, learning to play reggae. They've taught me alot.

At this point in my creative career, I have completed my first public sharing of original music, This Place & Time. The CD release took place on November 5th, 2005, at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre here in Prince Albert. Many of my musical friends helped make the performance a huge success.

I've uploaded a few of the pieces to the web. I hope that when you have the time, you'll give them a listen. And, if you like them, maybe you'll consider purchasing the CD. You can purchase the CD from me or online at

Purchase a CD!

Thanks! See you!